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Since the establishment of our company in 1995, our activities have focused on goods for small children. Initially, we operated a shop with prams in Příbram and in 1996 we presented our first wholesale range, updating it annually and expanding gradually. The company’s development was evident even in retail. In addition to our shop in Příbram, we opened another 3 shops with goods for children over the next few years. As the company grew, a major decision was imminent: retail or wholesale? We opted for wholesale and a new phase in our company’s history began.

The first wholesale ranges used Polish brands of prams. The Czech market was hungry, and the demand exceeded the supply. Everything seemed fine at first but then we kept coming across one complication more and more frequently. Our retailers and end users would provide feedback with tips for improvement, but we were unable to act on these, since most of the suppliers did not wish to innovate their products. This made us consider our own brand. Our ideas gradually materialised and in 2007, we introduced a new Czech brand Babypoint along with the first product – the Fábula highchair. The range offered under our brand grew over the years so much, that you could see our products in shops of most Czech retailers. We also exported our products to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and another almost 10 countries in eastern Europe.

While designing and commissioning the production of our own range, we started to expand our wholesale range with foreign brands that caught our attention. This included the Norwegian brand BeSafe, which we have been representing since 2010. At the time, only few people believed in rear-facing car seats for children. The situation was similar one year later with the German brand TFK, as the market with outdoor pushchairs was only emerging then. We gradually included several additional interesting brands in our wholesale range: the German LÄSSIG, the Dutch Nuna or the Swedish Emmaljunga. As the sales of these brands grew, this had a negative impact on the Babypoint brand, which became especially marked after obtaining the representation of the English brand Joie. As we were unable to compete with these global players with our financial options or the quality and range of our goods, we were forced to wind down our production gradually and end the production of our Babypoint brand in the end.

How to summarise our current activities? We supply goods to more than 120 contractual retailers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We operate our company with ample warehousing capacity in Konětopy near Milín in Central Bohemia and our range focuses on high-quality brands. As we hold most of our range in stock, customers are not forced to wait long for their products. We have also built a warehouse for spare parts to increase the standard of our servicing department. While we only employ up to 20 employees, we are one of the leading suppliers of goods for children in the Czech Republic and Slovakia owing to the hard work and enthusiasm of our staff.


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